It all started when…

I bought a camera out of necessity in early 2017. As a musician/artist, I wanted to generate consistent content for myself for my social media sites while saving money by not having to hire a photographer every time I wanted to shoot. Once I'd actually begun to learn the craft of portraits...I was hooked.

While I still remain an active musical artist, aspiring actor, and screenwriter, I am forever fascinated with the craft of photography and will be an active photographer for the rest of my days. I maintain this passion with aspirations to shoot for leading professionals from all walks of the Entertainment industry, from Film, to Music and Fashion, and even...from the world of Science.

I will be transitioning into video at some point, if not already by the time you read this, starting with the production of my own music video's and short films.

Thanks for stopping by and if you haven't already, give me a shout on Instagram at @robbond.